The consultation with Mary-Anne helped identify some health concerns I had and which blends would benefit me the most.  The one for my arthritis works great, smells calming with cinnamon and clove.  It helped reduce the inflammation and pain in my hands.  


Retired Electrician

The EOs have been a life saver when it comes to getting the right energy levels.  Being a student, it can be hard to smoothly transition between total relaxation to full awareness and concentration.  I love having two different room sprays - "Concentration" and "Lavender".


Post Graduate Student

The EOs provide me with the confidence and results even after a stressful day of competing or training.  I feel safe utilizing these products because I know Mary-Anne has put tremendous amount of thought and energy into each blend.  My go to blend and travel buddy is "Restful Sleep". 


National Ski Team

My favorite 'don't leave home without it' is Mary-Anne's blend for my migraines.  I love the Peppermint and Lavender smell and it helps keep the pain away.  It may sound unbelievable but the EOs truly work with no side effects that the pills were causing.


Working Hockey Mom

I met with Mary-Anne and found her very professional and knowledgable.  She reviewed my health history with me and prepared a calming blend which I absolutely love.  Further visits with her have helped me with some skin problems too.  I'm very happy and will continue to use these services.



I was diagnosed with Shingles by my physican.  He prescribed an antibiotic to take internally.  I contacted Mary-Anne because I couldn't sleep and the oozing and itching was driving me crazy.  The salve she prepared calmed the area on my back right away.  Within 24 hr. there was no more redness, inflammation or open sores.   I was skeptical but now am a believer.


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