Balance and Harmony Aromatherapy offers a calming and quiet setting to meet clients for a consultation and follow-up services.  If required, a telephone session can also be arranged for those that have difficulty travelling.  All essential oil and blends are priced individually.  For pricing on Young Living products, please see their website or go to the product page for a few of my favorites.


The first consultation covers a review of your health history, current medications including vitamins and supplements.  

The cost is $80.00 and an Essential Oil.   Seniors (60 and over) will receive a 20% discount.

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It is recommended to schedule a follow-up visit within 7 - 14 days to check on your progress.   The cost is $60.00 per appointment with a discount of 20% for Seniors.  

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Theraputic Massage

A quite, relaxing theraputic massage can be scheduled for either a 60 minute or a 30 minute session.  The cost for one hour is $75.00 and 30 minutes is $45.00.  100% Pure Essential Oils and Carrier Oils are used during the session.

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